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What an inspiring idea. Giving contributors something else to work for, thereby causing them to tab more thereby generating more site revenue. Tab pro has a bunch of realllly cool features I didn't know about before, even though I got a couple looks at it signing up with the 3 day trial at the beginning, wicked features.

Just had to express my ever loving gratitude. Makes me want to start tabbing again.
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Well, thanks a lot for that.
Tab Pro is not as good as it could've been (at least yet), but it's impossible to fit in all the features our R&D guys had in their minds at once. We're gonna continue improving it.
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Got a pm about being able to redeem all my GP tabs for free months to Tab Pro. At first I was like, COOL! But then I realized that I already have GP, why would I need Tab Pro? Although, I wish I could redeem the free months to get rid of the annoying demo version that pops up for EVERY GP tab.