Got some money, what should my next essential buy be? I already have a great little studio, butt I would like to get it a little upgraded. I already have mics (sm57 for mcing amps, behringer c2 large-diagphram condensor), monitors, mixer, synth/midi keyboard, an old crappy multi-fx rack, cd-dj, amp/guitars/bass, tchellion voice live harmonizer, boss pedalboard, and vocal both - all running through a mbox2, and into ableton.. Everything I have was either donated or bought at extreme bargain, so imy budget for my next purchase is around 1000. I was thinking the next thing I would need is some front-end rack gear? I don't multi-track more than 4 tracks at a time, I usually record track-by-track, and I would also like to get something that will benefit both my guitar and mic recordings. I would also like to get a littke more than 1 thing with my 1000 bucks. I know that's asking a lot...

I was thinking:

Some sort of preamp/limiter/compressor? I was also considering a control surfave/mixer (hopefully with powered faders) for my software, and possibly to use as pre-amp/d.a. converter - replacing my mbox2 (thiis is not necessary, as the mbox2 seems to work great, dispite its minimal i/o options. Also thinking of a Power unit/conditioner so I can run all my gear off that.

What would some 'essential" gear I don't already have that you would generally see in a studio? Since I'm on a budget I was considering behringer stuff...

Any info would be great! Thx

Maybe a couple new mics For versatility?
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All racks need a Quadraverb.
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A quadraverb. Ok what purpose exactly does that have? I understand its a reverb, but why not just use my software reverb, and how would I wire it into mu studio

if you really are thinking about getting a control surface, the only one i can think of that has motorized faders and would leave you enough money to pick up another thing or two is this one:
ive heard its pretty solid for what it is as well.

i would also probably get a better condensor as well. im searching the C2 and it looks to be a small diaphragm condensor, so picking up a nice LDC for vocals might benefit you.
The pres in the m-box are okay, but you can do better. In any case, it's doubtful they're the weak link in your system.

What mics, exactly do you have? This is usually one of the best places to start. (or do you just have the two?)

What monitors do you have? Good monitors can make a world of difference.

I recently treated my room with some DIY acoustic panels. This may have been the single best purchase under $300 I have ever made for my studio.

Lots of people will diss on Behringer, but my opinion, FWIW, is that you really can't beat them at their price point, and indeed, pretty much not until you double their price point. Mind you, a Ford Focus at twice the price is still not going to touch an Acura, never mind a Mercedes, never mind a Jag or a Rolls....

If you take care of your gear, the Behringer stuff should be as reliable as anything else. If you have a habit of throwing it down stairs or dragging it behind your car, you'll want something more durable.

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