So I've decided to sell my tonally dead, cheap basswood, Ibanez RGT42 and I was wondering about anyone's experiences with other guitars. I love the superstrat look, and I want a guitar that fits my needs fairly well.

I play punk-esque music (Sum41 mixed with Protest the Hero), with a touch of those big open chords and chugging you hear in progressive metal songs (Think "Passenger" by Periphery). I have good pickups ready to put in, so what I'm really after here is some great wood and hardware.

I haven't had much experience with ESP but I've heard good things. And I absolutely love the feel of Ibanez necks, just hate the cheap basswood they use for so many of their models. Any feedback/suggestions for new guitar ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!
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just cuz its basswood DOES NOT mean its cheap. there's some guitars that cost several thousand dollars made from basswood

if you like ibanez, then i say go ibanez. esp feels totally different and thats why i went with mine. ibanez generally has incredibly thin necks, while esp is a little more meaty (think somewhere between a gibson 60s and jackson)
I never said that all basswood was crappy. I LOVE that super expensive Steve Vai signature with the cool inlays and thats Basswod. It's just you can't expect that same quality of basswood on an RG that was 400$ in the early 2000s.

And would you recommend the RG series or the S series? I know they have the same neck profiles so it's really about whats gonna suit my tone better.
1987 Ibanez RG550 w/ DiMarzio PAF Pro and Bare Knuckle Aftermath
Fender Jaguar Classic Player Special HH
Ibanez RGT42 w/ DiMarzios
Ibanez AEG10E Acoustic-Electric
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe w/ Celestion Vintage 30
i'm the wrong person to ask about ibanez guitars my friend...

i've yet to find one i like. i have monstrously large hands (glove size xxxl) so i find them very uncomfortable. but take everything everybody says on here for what it is. their personal opinions that really have little to no value to you. you're gonna have to play everything and see what you like best. when i was buying an acoustic for example, i thought i was going to buy a stonebridge or larrivee (everybody suggested i get a gibson or martin but i hate both of those), but i ended up going with a breedlove (almost went with a no name $300 acoustic, and my budget was almost 10x that...)
You can't go wrong with any Ibanez Prestige models. Check em out and save up
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depends on which models you're looking at. i'd rather have a good ibanez prestige than a low end esp/ltd, and i'd rather have a high end esp than a lower end ibanez
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Well if you love the feel of Ibanez necks I'd say this is a no-brainer. ESP necks are great as well, but very different.
As for which kind of Ibanez... why not an RGA? Unless you need that middle pickup they're pretty awesome.
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The only way to get better wood in an Ibanez is to either go for a high end RG Prestige that has Mahogany, or an S/RGA with Mahogany (also a few sig. models). The high end RG prestiges are extremely pricey. The S's are much cheaper but are also quite a bit thinner, which tends to minimize the effect of the better wood. I love the Prestige neck so much I wont play anything else right now. Even my RG5 gets neglected nowadays. The only other guitars I've played with that compare are some of the PRS's (but I haven't experimented with all that many ). If you want an Ibanez that has something better than basswood AND has the mass/weight needed for a noticeable improvement in tone, you will have to save a lot of pennies up.