Right so I want to make a guitar body, which will essentially be an altered tele shape. I have some questions though.

1. Why do bodies usually seem to be two bits of wood joined in the middle, as opposed to just one?

2. Is scale length measured (at the bridge end) to where the strings contact the saddles, or where the end of the bridge is?

3. Are the Stew Mac prices for wood pretty standard? I see that alder there is $100 for guitar size, but on eBay they're only about $50? Should I buy from eBay or Stew Mac? I'm in Australia if that's an issue

4. It'll be a bolt-on neck (the one from my current squier tele, will probably be replaced eventually), so would you recommend that I take it to a professional luthier to cut the slot for the neck to fit, and to fit the hardtail bridge, or are those easy enough to do myself?

Thanks guys, any help will be much appreciated
1) They are usually more than one piece because its cheaper, and most woods are hard to find wide enough for a guitar body.

2) Where it contacts the saddles.

3)Stew mac is overpriced. Ebay is always cheaper. just make sure the wood is dried properly.

4)If you have no woodworking experience, then yes, you should take it to somebody. A neck pocket and bridge need to be cut and drilled very precisely.
Okay thanks, I thought there might be some tonal reason.

I have on other question, as far as finishing goes. I want to end up with something similar to this (without the cracks):

To do this, would I essentially just need to glue on the acrylic mirror, do the binding, and then lacquer the entire body (the back and sides are just natural)? Is there some other magical step to do this that you wouldn't usually do, because of the mirror?
^ You're clearly a Muse fan, but are you planning on putting a Kaoss Pad and killswitch in your first build?
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Not quite no, its just the aesthetics of that guitar that I like. Mine is going to have a single coil in the neck and no cracks in the mirror. Of course there wont be a kaoss pad (there might be a killswitch, but that comes from my Morello fandom)
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if you need any help with templates.. let me know

I think I do need some help, I have the body shape drawn on CAD, but I don't really know how to turn it into a usable drawing... I have no idea how to upload my actual dwg file, so this is just a picture of it: