Hey guys. I'm looking at picking up a Jet City JCA20h, and I'm wondering how much a difference amp cabinet makes in your sound. There is a stack that is sold that has the JCA20h and a 1x12 cabinet, made by jet city, that's only $100 more then buying the head by itself.

So does the amp cabinet make a big difference in sound? Would I be better buying a different cabinet, maybe an orange? Thanks
The cabinet itself can make a difference in fullness and projection of sound (open vs. closed back, angled speakers, etc.). The biggest difference is speakers. I don't know too much about specifics, but somewhere on the forums the Speaker Thread is still going. They have some great explanations on types of speakers, what some sound like, all that stuff.

I'd answer your question with both a yes and a no. A better cabinet can have a slight but negligible change. But better speakers can be very noticeable! If you are considering a different cabinet, Avatar Speakers (http://www.avatarspeakers.com/) is a good website to get loaded cabinets. I'll defer to the more knowledgeable speaker/cab guys, but I hope this helps!
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Yes, getting a cab makes a difference. Jet City cabs are reportedly quite solid though, and can be REALLY good with a speaker swap (the stock ones aren't awful by any means, but a good one will really make the amp shine).
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