OK. I want to lay down a verse now.

I can see a mech in the distance
as I scramble for the user manual.
Something is wrong. My gear does not respond.
Even rebooting doesn't solve the problem.
Maybe I overused my laser cannon
and I'll be back online in a moment.
If not, I'll be dead soon.
Cause that robot will be here soon.
WIP, I assume? It has an almost child-like sense of Sci-Fi. Not sure if that's what you're going for, but I feel like the idea has potential. Problem is, it has more of a quality of innocence than a quality of the amazing. I always pictured Sci-Fi marvels such as mechs as being more akin to provoking awe.
This was quite fun to read. You should continue with it. Try and maintain the childlike viewpoint of mechanics and how it corresponds to life in a quirky and strange way.
It is when they fell like they're about to be destroyed. So I WAS actually going for... Well maybe not the word amazing but dramatic to be sure. It's just about the moment that a mech pilot's machine stops responding and he's panicking inside as his robot sits helplessly in the middle of a battle field. Usually, the size of the robots is what makes it awe-inspiring, I think but I don't mention anything that gives away their size. So in the end it could have been robotic suits that people wear instead of giant robots and it would have been the exact same result. Does that mean I failed? Hahaha!

It was inspired by the game Armored Core.
OK. Let's do it. Verse 2!

The gauge indicates some fuel still remains
but I can't use it anyway.
The battle before has me overheating more
than my radiator can perform.
Maybe I should have spent some more
to better balance this armored core.
Too late. I'll be dead soon.
Cause that robot will be here soon.