I am Deja.. . .. . let me put an entry in here that I think might explain the music I'm writing at the moment, it is all free of course, on wordpress for its medium to semi-medium public profile. There is a new song I uploaded "She washes me in Jerusalem Showers", one of my own favourites that has grown out of a book . . .. .

I finished Raymond Carver's book "What we talk about when we talk about love" and concluded that it was really on the sidelines of fiction and non-fiction. Some of each story's protagonists included: a child too mature for his years- a hotel owner with suicidal tendencies and a chauvinistic ex-husband. I am neither one of these but I "was" when I read each one and I "do" want to live like each of them. This could be the watermark of good writer, but I don't read nearly enough for my age, so perhaps I am slow experience this so late.

It was in the hotel scene, where the owner, drunk from drinking 'Teachers' off his wife's chest, threatens to arbitrarily denfenestrate himself several floors up, leaving behind life and a profitless hotel.

I thought, what a lead in! (this was the excerpt from the full hotel story and was the first piece of story writing in the book). . . .. .. to what was a magnetic read from page two. I couldn't wait to reach that full story.

So here is my musical contribution and homage to this book that inspired me, albeit a disparate title. This song starts with an interlude (like the hotel excerpt), has multiple parts (the short stories) with emphasis on dramatic notes (descriptive adjectives and adverbs) and a fade out (acknowlegements). Give it 47 seconds and it will lift off and fast

She washes me in Jerusalem Showers