As per my previous thread, I am just starting out home recording. I've read all FAQ's etc, but I just want to know who has experience on these Audio interfaces, or has any recommendations.

They seem to be best in my price range too $100-200 AUD.

The ones I was look at were the M-Audio Fast Track Pro, Lexicon Lambda, Line 6 UX1 Pod Studio and possibly even Yamaha Audiogram 3

I will be miccing the amp and connecting it to the interface.

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I have a Fast Track Pro and it's ok. I've had lots of problems with it though, driver issues mainly. And M-Audio don't seem to care enough to fix them.

Here's the problems i've had with it over the years:

Sound randomly dropping requiring me to power off the interface and turn it back on (although sometimes that didn't work with XP because I gave me a bluescreen so i'd have to restart the PC). This could happen a couple of times an hour.

The interface refusing to be recognised by the system (as in showing "not connected" when it was on)

Sometimes the inputs and outputs would start to clip without anything going through them.

I'd say try something else unless you want to risk having the problems i've had.
Im really happy with my Scarlet 18i6

Went with this one because of the optical input to add 8 channels. I use it in conjunction with a digimax LT 8 channel pre and it works perfectly. If you look online you will see it had driver issues for a while but those are fixed.
Thanks maggot, I'd heard other people complain about their's as well.
All Focusrite products are out of my price range. I can only go from about $100-200.
Have a look here at the interfaces available in my range:


Just make sure the price is under $200 unless its like 5 bucks over then its okay lol.