Seriously, people keep requesting guitar pro tabs that already have perfect tabs made of them.

For example, "Sea Of Expanding Shapes" by Buckethead has 1430 requests, its an epic song yet theres already a note-perfect tab for it, check for yourself!!

Any explanations?
People are idiots.
We should start calling it "The Fact of Evolution", theory, even though correct, does not work with the ignorant..
How about the ones that also submit tabs of songs that also have great tabs for them... I mean before I even attempt to tab a song I not only look on this site but also will do a google search to see of there is a tab already done for it anywhere on the web.....

The other thing that gets me is people on this site and forum who make requests and then never say thank you or come back here to see if someone helped the out... I have personally tried to help a lot of people with their requests in this forum and never hear from them afterwards.... So now I will usually ask them to either PM me or email me so I know they at least will come back to this site to check on their request....

Like others before me said stupidity and ignorance and laziness are the main reasons...
Yep there sure are some idiots around.

I only make tabs for songs that have no good tabs already, otherwise its a waste of effort. I always do a search first. And I've learnt songs from guitar pro tabs for years so I appreciate when people make tabs, so I make my own tabs to give back to the community, it is kinda fun but can be hard work.