so i bought studio monitors ( active KRK rp6 g2 ).. im gonna use Cubase with amp simulation like LE POU (poulin ) or guitar rig /amplitube .

now i need to connect my guitar to my pc .

is there quality in audio card ?? seem like m-audio fast track seem popular .. but i dont mind spending a 100 $/ 200 $ extra if theres better quality /interface .

your recommendation ???

is there "quality" in audio card ??

thank you .
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You want a USB interface, not a sound card.
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Yes there is different level of product quality in sound interface.

Some have better converters, better pre-amp, more pre-amp, number of inputs, ect.

If you're only gonna record electric guitar, I'd suggest something without to much inputs. Fast\track or Fast track Pro are pretty decent and should be alright for what you need.
try using an audio interface box like a Cakewalak Roland UA-25ex which is around £150-200. i use it at school and it does a great job. its also quite simple to use. just need to plug it into the computer via a USB cable then plug your guitar in to the box using a jack.