Song that i wrote with my friend, C4C as always!
Metal is like a apple, no-one likes the core.
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soudns weery awsom. mable prety meny similary tings to blådbät slti mats orgianal!

biutifly melody
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Heavy intro nice. I love ur bridge it has so much balls!

First verse early, instruments are working. Pre-chorus was dissapointing after all this, but not bad. Only part I think you should might think again this far. Chorus works well as chorus.
Breakdown(?), well heavy part aswell. Gave me cold feeling, lead and rhythm plays well together. 69- continues with slower tempo. Not so good riff now. 73- I feel this too slow 80- was good! And as outro we have end of the world. Great work! You got a solid song here!
Intro is pretty heavy and awesome...very evil sounding and the bridge following fits perfectly to it.
Verse reminds me alot of some of Kreator's riffs its good also it will work perfectly with deep vocals.
Pre-chor ... thats pure black metal dude i dig that riff
Wouldnt it sound better if you add to the main riff a termolo picking like the one you put but with more variations?
Verse 2 could use different ending too to avoid the little monotonous feeling it gets when the song comes the this part
Time change at bar 60 was pretty cool
Ending with those riffs is the right decision..powerfull and aggressive ending but i think it would be better without the CGC chord....just quick and fast end with opened strings

pretty cool song overall...9/10