the dirt was our classroom
when I raised up the mountain
and wiped off my fingernails
with the robes of my countrymen
they bore tears that cut rivers

this is no country for man
shivers into the dawn

naked alone
on the zanzibar waterfront
at the edge of oblivion's
waves scaling the clifface
I built stilts for the savage
beasts in my eyes
I cased miners in gold
wrinkles in my forehead
I drilled them with lead
while they drilled in my head
rich drilling hymnal
choir boys dragging their chains in the dust

this is no country for man
in the dark
I pray for our father
but dad left two weeks before the day I was born
so we sin for his sins
into the dawn
the born again born again
into the dawn
heads bobbing in the surf like pelicans
wedding bands smelted for irons
to hold up the dawn
on stilts that I built
for the savage beasts in my eyes
to beat like a boxspring
under the weight of a God
whose insomnia worsens
the closer his ship comes to shore