I love Buddy Guy's guitar playing. Love love love it. I think he is one of the best, if not the best out there for blues.
But I can't stand his voice. Well, maybe that is a little harsh, but I dislike it. I can't even tell you why.
Now, on the flip side, I am not a huge fan of SRV Tex style blues ( much respect though and I am coming around on that style) but I find SRV's voice to be awesome. Love that gritty raw voice.

Maybe I havn't heard enough Buddy Guy on the mic.

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it really depends what buddy guy you're talking about

the guy has recorded shit on both ends of the spectrum.. both amazing and terrible, the guys a schizophrenic when it comes to records imo
A lot of it comes from blues tradition. Back when SRV was just getting started, he absolutely did not want to sing. But a mentor of his, I believe it was W. C. Clark, told him, "son, if you want to play blues, you're going to have to sing."

I share your sense of awe at Buddy Guy's playing, and his singing isn't exactly Pavarotti. Maybe it's the same way with him - he sings because that's part of the act...
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Well, now, it's an individual taste thing. I used to listen to Buddy Guy and be absolutely in awe of his playing and, to a degree, his singing. However, then I went and saw him in concert. He was playing at a Blues Festival concert in Indianapolis; Susan Tedeschi opened, then it was Buddy, then B.B. King played. Susan was great, and B.B. was fantastic, but it was like they were the bread in an a$$ho1e sandwich. I'm pretty sure Buddy was drunk or high; not that I have such a problem with drugs or alcohol right out of the gate, but when people pay to experience me play, I figure that, as a matter of honesty, I owe them myself; not whatever version of myself it is that stumbles around after half a bottle of scotch or whatever. Seriously I wanted to walk up and smack the guy. He played a song, then a medley. Then did half a song, ending it with a medley, and again half a song ended with a medley. Half the time he was acting like he was there to teach us something, turning his guitar way down and shushing the crowd repeatedly, and even going "Shut up! Shut the f**k up!" at one point! How I wish I could say I was making this up, but I'm not. That being said, the man can play, and I'd say his voice is better than, for instance, Albert Collins (RIP).
I've seen Buddy play twice now, one being just last week at the Wanee Festival. All I have to say is; that's just it, that's what Buddy does. It can be frustrating if you don't want him to jump the track, but you're not gonna stop it. Buddy's the conductor/engineer and you are just there for the ride. He's gonna play, he's gonna blow your mind, he's gonna talk some shit, he's gonna cuss, he's gonna educate you, he's gonna make you wonder if he's a dumbass, he's gonna make you feel like a big part of it, he's gonna make you think you don't know shit about the blues, and at some point you're gonna get pissed at him, and at some point you're gonna wonder how you could ever get mad at the guy.

This is what Buddy Guy is. And I thank him for it.

It's golden. It's everything you could ask for from an entertainer, and he does it with more charm than most others.

EDIT: As for his voice; he just goes over the top sometimes - to the point of obnoxiousness if he's so inclined. It's nothing to get mad about. I used to listen to a lot of rap, and I like E-40, but even so, E-40 could just be the most obnoxious... Whatever, sometimes the greats grate on your nerves.

Can you think of a single friend of yours that doesn't do the same thing?
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I totally understand where a lot of you guys are coming from on his voice, and I own "Sweet Tea", but can someone link me to a particularly dodgy vocal performance of his? Just interested.
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