Bedroom guitar wannabe here! I have a Peavey 6505+ 112, a MXR 10 band EQ and an isp Decimator. Are these supposed to be used through the effects loop or through the input where the guitar goes?
The ISP should probably be in the loop, or the 4-cable method outlined in the manual. The EQ can go wherever you want. It will sound different depending on where it is.
10 band in the loop for best results imo.

If you want to get rid of feedback, run the ISP in front of the amp. If you want to get rid of amp hiss, run it in the loop.
I prefer to use my EQ pedal in the front. The only time I put it in the loop is when I have a long signal chain that I want to fine tune, or when I'm playing something requires a solo boost.

I like having it nearby to shape my tone radically in the middle of a song.
Running the MXR 10 band in the loop let's you use the EQ's volume slider as a master volume.
i'd say it's up to you regarding both of them. wherever they work better
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IMO, if you want to change your guitar's sound, EQ in front. If you want to change your amp sound or your overall sound, in the loop.
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