I apologise if this is a somewhat stupid question but I was hoping someone could give me some sort of comparison as to what size 'baby jumbo' guitars tend to be?

I've been offered a Faith Neptune at a good price but unfortunately the guy lives the other side of the country so I can't try it. I know the guitar is capable of what I want but my concern is that I'm a rather short, skinny guy (about 5'4) and I wouldn't want something that would be too cumbersome or that would drown me haha. Just for reference, I have a crafter 12-string and would prefer something a bit smaller than that.
My understanding is that it's slightly smaller than a standard dreadnought sized guitar, but in the shape of the jumbo acoustics. No idea if that's the proper official definition, but I've seen guitars with that description called baby jumbos once or twice.
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