I haven't been able to sleep because of a tingling or electric sensation in my left arm. It's driving me nuts, I can't concentrate during the day because I'm tired and I should be studying right now but in the past 72 hours I think I've only managed to sleep like 4 hours. I know the pit is no doctor I just wanted to see if anyone had some experience with this and how to resolve it. I feel stupid going to the doctor and saying "hey dude, I have this funny sensation in my arm that I can't describe and I can't sleep because of it".

Actually, I have it right know too and it's 3 P.M. here and I seriously want to rip my arm off.
Heart attack.
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Heart attack.

I think I'd prefer that tho not sleeping and feeling like a zombie all day and failing my exams because I'm too tired to study.

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Loss of blood flow to arm leading to necrosis and eventual amputation.

... I'll go to the doctor just to make sure it's not this >_>
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It's a blocked nerve. Try to find locked up muscles or marrow that feels way too sturdy near your elbow. When you do, push it/them in all directions until you feel it/them pop.

Then, sleep over it, and the next night should be good.
i think its what lord doku said. did you by any chance hit your elbow on something before it started?

that nerve is seriously badly located.
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