For a project at University I am doing a comparison of 6 single coil pickups. The pickups under test are 1) Vanson 'Vintage Hot' 2) Tonerider 'TRS5' 3) Stock Fender MIM Stratocaster
4) Stock Squire Bullet 5) Axes 'R' Us 'Loose Fingers 6) Wilkinson 'MWHS'.
I am currently trying to gain feedback on each of the pickups by conducting a series of listening tests, the links for which are listed below. If you are interested in guitar pickups or have a spare 5 minutes i would very much appreciate your participation.

The sound clips can be downloaded at:

To listen to the clips in their originally recorded quality i advise you play them through VLC player which can be downloaded from the internet for free, simply search for it.

Finally the survey can be found at:

Thanks for you time people.