Hi, I've literally never bought new tubes before (I bought my bugera 333 just over 8 months ago and the tubes were fine till now) so I have no experience what so ever in buying tubes. I've found thetubestore.com to get them from but that's as far as I can really work out... so I know someone mentioned the JJ 6L6's in a post about biasing bugeras, but I was just wondering what different kinds of tubes are possible for someone who plays Hard Rock/Metal/Metalcore through a bugera 333 (212) which is essentially a lower budget copy of the Peavy XXX. I'm looking to keep more or less the same tone, if maybe a little bit more open and trebly. I have (obviously) tried using the eq to do that, but I've got my treble at the limit, and the mids as high as I want to go :P so I though, seeing as I blew my tubes, might as well try and see what makes of tube will make a difference? I'd also like to find out what pre-amp tubes to get, as I'm thinking I might as well replace all the tubes (seeing as they're old and my Birthday's coming up! )

Just as a footnote, it can take 4 6L6s or EL34s and 4 AX7s

Thanks for your help guys.
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