Hey everyone! So lately ive been wanting a real challenge something thats just gonna make me angry but satisfied....And I realized JBT ocean would be pretty much perfect. I would learn the 5 min version...And its a mix of tapping/hammer ons and pull offs/intricate finger picking and strumming. Does anyone have any pointers for this song? I wanna make sure that I prepare and practice this right while having any helpful tips in mind Thanks!
It's not overly hard actually, until it goes into 12/8 or something like that, I always screw up there. Just make sure you get tapped hammer-on/pull-offs down and you'll be fine.
once you realize how the tuning works its pretty easy, make a bar (a barre, not a barre chord) anywhere or hit open for a nice chord and use your extra fingers to hit other notes.
Ok great! Im kinda worried about the finger picking...It seems to be pretty in depth but im totally just going off sound. I might be wrong.
Thanks bud! Ive been wanting to learn it for a while but I just had lacked the skills for a while but...I guess we will see
I've been working on it for a little while. For me, I find it's easier to work it out measure by measure. So I'll set repeat signs or the loop trainer on each measure in guitar pro and go that way. I'm on measure 20 or something, been working on it a few hours. I play pop punk, I'm not very good.
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Any tips for getting a louder clear sound on the tapping part? Like in the very beginning when its like 3-0-4-2-0...Im not getting very audible notes.