I have my eyes set on The Ramapo College of New Jersey. I plan to take a Music major, with the concentration of Audio Production. The school isn't some kind of prestigious music school for prodigious musicians, in fact, its not a music school at all. It just happens to have a music program, and its also very affordable.

Anyway, My grades aren't the best, B or C average, and my SAT scores were only 1480. I've registered for the next test though and hope to do better. What I need to try and do though, is to make up for what I lack in grades with other things pertaining to what I plan to do in college.

Will these help me?

  • I'm in a technical high school, and by the time I graduate, I will have completed 3 years in an audio production class
  • I work at a radio station as a board operator, and I'm also given the occasional job of helping out with song song edits
  • I have a few recordings that demonstrate my music and audio production capabilities, I could send them in with my application
  • I plan to take an online AP Music Theory class my senior year of high school (Next year). The class appeares to be very intensive and demanding from the description, but I believe it will look great for college

I would like to ask about the last bullet. I do want to take the AP Music Theory class. I've never taken an AP class before, and I don't know if an AP "elective" will be taken as seriously as AP Calculus or the sort, also since its online.

Info on the Online AP Music Theory class: http://www.govhs.org/Pages/Academics-Catalog Click By Discipline>Arts>AP® Music Theory Section CMA.

All in all, I know that none of this is an excuse to have low grades and scores, but it is what it is, and I need something to compensate for it now. Opinions? Recommendations? Critisizm? Anything would would really be appreciated. I just want to know Would I look good on a college application for a student going into a Music Major?

Thanks in advance!
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why dont you try Rutgers? Their music program isnt too bad and its just as cheap if not cheaper than Ramapo

Thanks, I took a look at Rutgers, and they don't have an audio productions class. To be honest, I really don't care too much about music theory, I just want to take Music Production, and Ramapo seems to be the only state college in the state that has what I want. (It needs to be a state college for financial reasons). Thanks again though, I do have to have a few different colleges in mind when sending out apps, so maybe Rutgers is a candidate