I've been having a lot of trouble trying to make tabs/chords to the song Heavy Heart, Heavy Hands by Sunday Lane. Just wondering if anyone has the time or has previously made tabs/chords to this song. I would really appreciate it. I've been working on it for a long time now and haven't gotten anywhere.]

From what I hear through my iPad speakers which aren't that great to me it is basically the chords G and C back and forth and then goetank what may be an Am and C .....
I will go over the song tomorrow when I get up and can listen to it with better computer speakers... Like I said picking along to it these chords worked for me now but difficult to hear through iPad speakers.... Try those and see what you think.... Again I will try it again tomorrow ...
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Those are actually pretty good. Just not sure where the Am and C come into play. If you give it another listen tomorrow and let me know what you think are the chords form there I'd really appreciate it!
(At the end of most lines, between the last G, and the next Em,
there's a little "run" that does as follows, along with picking the
regular notes of the chord)


Em - G - C - G ("run" described above)

Em - G - C - G

(Play this all the way up till the SOLO at 1:50)

C - Em - C - Em

"Justice got his hands all tied"
C - Em - C - Em
C - Em - C - Em

"I was born in a loving home"
Em - G - C - G

Play this progression for the rest of the song.

P.S...What a great song, and awesome artist! I hadn't heard of Sunday Lane until now. Thanks!!
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