I am a singer/guitarist and I need something that I can record with just for songwriting purposes. It doesn't have to be studio quality or anything. I'd like it to have a mic so I can record a live set or acoustic stuff, but it would also be cool if there was a direct input jack for electric guitar or external mic, keyboard, or whatever. I have used the Zoom H2 handheld recorder and I liked it. But I was thinking something with multiple tracks might be more suitable. Most importantly, I need something that is gonna be CHEAP. Workin on a low budget here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

****By cheap, I'm thinking maybe $100 - $150 used******
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with tux guitar you can create some guitar/bass parts. not real guitar sound but it is worth it

im not familiar with any low budget hardware
Cha Cha
Define "low budget". Some could count that on their fingers, others would consider a few hundred pounds to be cheap.

If affordable, something like the Boss BR80 sounds like it would suit you.
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