so i told myself i would never play this song out of respect for the man cause i always feared that i would butcher it...welll i still feel like i did but this song has always spoken to me

So i figured in honor of the 10 year anniversary of his death i would attempt it.


twas a quick recording so the mixing is not to great but yeah

crits omments and concerns and appretiated
C4C as always
Nice! I think the cover is great, your playing is fine and the vocals are good. Some of the high parts were pitchy at times but whatever man, you nailed it. I think some people try to impersonate Layne too much when they sing Alice songs due to his distinctive voice but you sounded like you kept your own voice which is good! Would also be cool if you recorded and mixed in some of the lead guitar parts too.

I've got a couple of Alice covers on my Youtube channel in the link below, check 'em out if you like!