I have a... Lowish, but sweet voice really, when I sing when I play, but I can't sing in front of other people. When I record, I don't care if people hear me, because I'm proud of it, but I can't sing in front of other people, like I find I'm revealing my inner passion, that's not something I want people to see. I submitted for the talent show; we are creating a song, where it involves me being lead vocals, and guitar... Guitar is easy, but I need to know how I can overcome this fear, and sing live. Anything anyone knows would most likely be useful.
Well you just have to play for people. Get a few friends over, and start trying to play and sing for them. Then try putting on a mini-show for your family. Play some more for friends....
The only way to get over this problem is by practicing playing for and with people. You do it enough and it just feels natural to be up on stage playing and singing. You're already better off than me. I have no problem getting out and singing for other people, but they just have trouble listening to me, because I'm not a very good singer. But if you can sing well, all you have to do is do it in front of other people
I just practice it alone then go out and play it the way I practiced. I tend to be too busy playing and singing to really pay much attention to the crowd.
also, I might be wrong, but you should learn to be comfortable with letting people see the real you.
open up, let your guard down, be vulnerable... let people in. That is the only way you'll really be able to connect with people through singing.
I think, I do that, in some case, I act myself in school, but I just don't want to show that side of me, while singing. You know?
But, I think the other guys have a point too, because I used to be the same way with my lyrics, but now I'm comfortable letting people see all of them, so, yeah.
Someone might get on my jock for saying this, but... Close your eyes. Dive into the song and pretend no one's around. That's how I sing. I get into it and my eyes end up closed.
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