I got a Gibson SG and I need to figure out some things about it. Can anyone tell me anything with this serial? 01015487. I'll upload some pictures as well. Thanks!

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Looks like a 2001 SG Faded. Pretty standard.
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Looks like a 2005 SG Faded. Pretty standard.

Where'd you get 2005? I used this for reference:

EDIT: Nevermind, just used Guitardaterproject.org

Guitar Info
Your guitar was made at the
Nashville Plant, TN, USA
April 11st, 2005
Production Number: 187

That seems pretty backwards from the Gibson serial site. How am I supposed to read that?
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Did you read the thing you posted? You read the first and 5th digits of the SN to get the year. the three numbers in between are the day of the year.


Made April 11, 2005. 487th instrument of the day.
I guess I got Fender Owner Syndrome and just looked at the first couple numbers after seeing it on the chart, haha. You know us Stratocaster guys don't read well.

I don't get why serial numbers need to be this complicated. What's wrong with just printing the month and year and then a number to identify the thing? Fender can't even figure out how to get a serial number to match with a year.
Faded SGs are pretty cool, a friend back in High School had one and I really liked how it felt. When the Faded SG and Flying V came out in 2002 they had ebony fretboards and crescent moon inlay. Then early in '03 they did away with the moons and kept the ebony fretboard for the year. Starting in '04 they stuck rosewood on 'em.

My V has the same tuners. Some people like them, some don't. I couldn't keep the G-string in tune for nothing so I replaced them with a set of chrome Grovers that hold tune better. And yes I string mine correctly, locking the string in place against itself.
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