Hey guys, I just finished my custom guitar, I'll probably upload some photos soon. Now I need gear.

I used to play an ibanez rg350 through my Line6 spider 75w. Now I need the following options:

~ I play darkwave and goth rock like sisters of mercy and fields of the nephilim, so I need an awesome overdrive and maybe some distortion for solos, but without that overdistorted modern metal feel to it. I also need chorus, reverb, wah and delay.

~ I would like to be able to record with my equipment, so I was thinking of getting a processor, like the Line6 XT Live or the Vox tonelab, but I don't really like their overdrive sounds.

~ I perform live pretty often, so I also need something versatile, to allow me to switch through presets with the push of a button.

~ I need tube equipment, no need to explain this one.

With that said, I could get a processor and play it through some tube amp, I could get a Peavey Vypyr + a footswitch + a soundcard. I don't really know if the Vypyr is any good though.
I could get a Peavey 6505+, but then I'd have to spend another 1000$ on stompboxes and a footswitch to program them into presets. I could get an amp similiar the to the line 6 tube mkII 112 and spend some cash on an ibanez Weeping demon wd7, and get some usb interface to record...

tl;dr : I need tube equipment with cool chorus, reverb and overdrive with the option to switch between presets.

Sounds like what you want is either a pod HD ^^^ +1..... or an amp and rack effects unit.

Are you only concerned with chorus, 'verb, and OD?? because getting a rack unit for 2 effects seems like overkill. Here's what I would do in your shoes...

Buy a nice amp capable of producing the kind of distortion you're after, a chorus pedal, a reverb pedal, and an OD of your choice. Put the OD in front of the amp, the other two in the effects loop. You can leave one or both pedals in the loop engaged, then turn the loop on or off to add the desired effect. Tap dance as required.

Dealing with midi pedals and programming, and setting up a rack module seems like a major PITA if you're only gonna use a couple effects.

Or, if you're dead set on having presets you could go with a pod HD / RPxxx / Zoom multi effects unit and bypass all the amp / cab modelling, and just use them for effects.
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Well, I actually tried the Boss ME 70 processor. It's amazing and I'll probably get that and play it through a tube amp. Any suggestions on awesome tube combos?
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Unless you want millions of modulations effects and billions of possible adjustments in parameters, I recomend the Vox Tonelab EX.

The crunch, overdriven and amp simulations are amazing. And you can get a metal distortion, if you want too.

Very ease to use. I'm really amazed since I got it a month ago.