This song Disappear is now completed with drums and vocals, and a video too.

Any comment will be appreciated.

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I like it and apart from a few minor ajustments it sounds awesome. I am loving the of kilter feel of the vocals and the whole piece in general, reminds me abit of tool in some respects lol.

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Gonna crit as I write....Guitar tone...WOW. Very Gary Moore in Parisian walkways. The chord structure is very cool, an odd combo of notes. Are you classically trained?

Production wise vocals could do with a lift for sure, they are lost in the mix. As always you have done what all guitarists do and made the guitars too loud. Easy mistake to make. Lyrics are pretty solid but again im finding it hard to hear over the mix. This sounds like it should be a bond theme or something in a big film. Very nice work man 8/10, sort out the mix problems and you will be well on your way to 9!

Its nice to see the quality of songs on UG has risen considerably since I was last here......

C4C if you can? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1530975

Cheers T
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Thank you both,I'll check out your music for sure !
This song and it's structure is what happened when I composed without thinking about
song structure, became like a story really..with some strange chordchanges,effects etc.
Glad you enjoyed it !

Thanks again !

Here's the latest mix :
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Great composition! Sounds like a mix of Marillion/Pain of salvation/The Flower Kings

I like the vocals but the levels need adjustment - for example the part at 1:41 is too loud for my taste. Everything else is just fine so keep up the good work. I'll add you on soundcloud.com
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