I bought a secondhand Framus Diablo a couple of months ago. it has a Strat style bridge except the tremolo arm is missing. I have found a tonne of replacement arms on Ebay for Strats and i was wondering if it was a standard size and thread across the board from brand to brand and if i could get one of those for my guitar.
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take it to a guitar center, etc, and find one that fits your guitar. I'm not sure if the sizes vary, but if they do you'll want to write down the size of the threaded part so you can make sure to order the right one. Or just buy it from GC... I think they're pretty cheap.

EDIT: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Fender-Tremolo-Arm-for-Mexican-Standard-Strat-101057552-i1130028.gc

If it's a standard size, they're only about $10
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