great effort!
a little too predictable for my tastes, kinda like a pop song in a way.
I agree that it's predictable but well done overall. The vocals are cool in my opinion, I like the "watery" sound. It reminds me of Old Man's Child in a good way. 1:45 and on is ****ing great, the clean vocals, solo and everything. The clean break is awesome, and the solo afterwards too. I'm really impressed.

If you want, you can check out my WIP track.

I liked the music, but the mix needs more work.

Didn't like the screaming at all. I found the "watery" sound, as touke describes it, very distracting. It makes me think your vocalist isn't experienced enough to sound good without a heavy amount of effects, and I would've rather listened to the song without them; they really bring down the whole mix of the song IMO.
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Didn't care for the growling but that's not specific for this song, never liked that style of "singing". I did like the riffs a lot, and the guitars sounded good. The soloing was clean, though if I may say slightly uninteresting, nothing there that stuck in my mind. Overall, I liked this more than most songs of similar style.
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I fixed the vocals since it never outputted as it was suppose to. This includes auto tune on the cleans.

Listen here; http://unbornmental.com/radio/Unborn%20MentaL%20-%20Everlasting%20Fear.mp3


The vocals on this version are much better than in the original post.

I tried to follow along with the lyrics (which I really like), cause I can't understand a word of growl vocals without them, and it seems like the singer either skips or growls through certain short words. Felt like I was listening to Motley Crue sing Shout at the Devil live. Haha.

Maybe it's just me, but the clean vocals sound out of key when they switch off with the growl vocals.

Overall I liked it though, the chorus is stuck in my head. Reminds me of Daath.
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Thanks for the comment. Best we could get the cleans on given our production value and lack of any access to other vocalists but this is the first song i've released with vocals so they will improve (hopefully!).
Appreciated. This is the last of my work with a UX1 as I'm migrating to a POD HD pro so quality should improve again.
I like how you cut right to the chase with a cool short intro before the vocals come in. Really like the vocals and that creepy whispering scream you've got going there, really cool! I also like that you get some melody in half way through, especially thought the solo was cool! And when the vocals completely change was a bit of surprise (a good one! I love unusual stuff).

Awesome song keep it up!

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It has some good stuff man, but I don't give a shit if it's played with a 6, 7 or a 12 string. If it's a 64 string? Sure, put that in the thread title.
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It has some good stuff man, but I don't give a shit if it's played with a 6, 7 or a 12 string. If it's a 64 string? Sure, put that in the thread title.

lol! noted.