Hello there UG! So today I present to you a case which everyone's probably heard a thousand times...what amp should I get? I've decided to start saving up for a legit tube amp before someday getting my dream telecaster (a butterscotch/blonde '50s style), but though I've been playing for like ten years, I'm still an amp n00b. I've done my research though and taught myself as much as I can about the pros and cons of different amps, so hopefully I'm on the right track here. As of right now I'm pretty sure an AC15 (though I don't know which specific model is best) would be best for me...good tone at low volume (very important to me, I'm just a bedroom/basement player), takes pedals well, quality build/components, time-tested, can be had for $400 easily, etc. And I hear a lot about telecasters through AC15s, so when I eventually get a tele that should be good. Currently I have an ES-335 knockoff (Delta King) and an EVH/MusicMan knockoff (some chinese OLP thing), so that's two humbucking guitars. I play good old rock and roll (Chili Peppers, Weezer, Incubus, Muse, classic stuff like Zeppelin and Pink Floyd and such), and hopefully a nice amp and eventually a nice tele with some single coils will help me get closer to the tone I want, but for right now I just want a nice, inexpensive (used is fine...let's say $500 budget MAX) tube amp that sounds nice at lower volumes. So either confirm my decision or tear me a new one
Sounds like the AC15 is exactly what you want. It's a very good amp. The EQ takes some getting used to, and you'll be disappointed if you're expecting it to just sound like a quieter AC30, but it's an excellent amp in its own right.

As far as models - the AC15C1 is what you want. The discontinued CC version is missing a lot of features they added for the C1, and the VR is not really an AC15 by any meaningful definition. The handwired/heritage series are great, but quite a lot more expensive.
While not necessarily the same amp, for what it's worth I have Vox AC30CC1 and couldn't be happier with it. I was about to get the AC15 (there was a used one at a Guitar Center that was very affordable), but I found a used AC30 for only a few hundred dollars more.

It does take pedals well and the tone is great at low volume levels like you say. I've been stuck in a cramped apartment with an AC30, I've had to make due with low volume.

I play an LP with Alnico II pros in it as well as a stock Fender Tele. I can tell you'd be happy with the AC15, the amp is very versatile without pedals and quite honestly is the best amp for me.

I can get soft and delicate tones then switch over to Zep or Foos no problem. It's a good investment, I'd do it if you want tube.
AC15 would be good, especially with a decent distortion pedal (I really like the Providence stampede right now).

however, go play one. not everybody can play through every amp. As much as I love the sound of AC30's and AC15's, I simply cannot play through them, they just feel weird to me. Its one thing for an amp to right on paper, but a completely other issue for it to feel right when you're playing.
i've played the ac15c1 and it's a nice amp for what you want to play.

there's a blue one at my sam ash.

i have it on authority that blue is in fact a good tone color.
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Those BLs are the sexiest amps I've ever seen. They make me feel funny in my pants.
Alternative, just for kicks - if you fancy a warmer, more American tone, Fender Blues Junior?
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I own the Celestion blueback version, and it is really an awesome amplifier.
It can still get loud, it has a good clean tone, has an FX loop, everything about it is great.
The ONLY concern I have is the reverb on it is a little wishy-washy. I generally don't use reverb on it though.

Im telling you, get an AC15.
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Well, as expected, you guys are amazing. I'm glad to hear that an AC15C1 is a great option, and I'll keep my eyes open for ones with Celestion speakers and any Blues Juniors to compare against. As for distortion and reverb, I have a Blues Driver and a cheap Dano reverb, I love the BD and the reverb is just for that random song or two that needs it. As for the AC30, I'm afraid it's out of my range, but I have heard that they sound even better than the AC15s, so maybe in a few years I'll be able to upgrade to that. Thank you guys so much! Now I just have to play the saving game...
I think all the AC15C1s have Greenbacks as the stock speaker. You'd have to add a Blue yourself.

For what it's worth I think the greenback sounds better. It's certainly not a speaker you need to switch out right away.
Quote by sroze478
And I hear a lot about telecasters through AC15s, so when I eventually get a tele that should be good.

The best tone out there is a Telecaster into a Vox. Absolutely astouding. The cleans are crystal clear and showcase that Tele sound brilliantly. But the real treat is when you overdrive the amp with the Tele going through it. It is the best rock sound out there. First time I did it at home, my jaw dropped. Incredible.

I know the accepted word is that Rickenbackers and Vox are the match made in heaven, but for me it is my Tele that makes my Vox shine and it is my Vox that makes my Tele shine.

I have an AC30, and my advice to you is get yourself an AC30 or an AC15 and then start saving for that Telecaster. Telecaster/Vox t is the ultimate guitar/amp combo.

My Joe Strummer Telecaster and my AC30. The best rig I have going.

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i have it on authority that blue is in fact a good tone color.

Well, yeah. But it's kind of specific. Like I wouldn't be using a blue amp to play really high gain stuff (unless it had lots of chrome/metal to really benefit from the "blueness"). I also wouldn't want to use it because of the grey grill (I mean, yeah it sounds good for the lower-mid gain stuff with lots of green end, but it really chokes the yellows and reds. And it doesn't even get close to the "brown sound" so through any Van Halen-ness out the window.

Let's just say there's a reason that black amps are the standard the world over.
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CasinoEpiphone, that is just purely inspirational. Now I really can't wait to get a telecaster! That's a nice setup you got there.
I have an AC15BL, and it sounds fantastic. I compared it side by side with an AC30, and the AC15BL sounded noticeably better. Both channels sound great, and it takes pedals good too. And I agree with CasinoEpiphone. Telecasters sound amazing through AC15s and AC30s. My Tele sounds better on it than any other guitar I have.
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CasinoEpiphone, that is just purely inspirational.

I'm going to be honest. I bought my Vox for my Rickenbackers. When it comes to amp/guitar combos, probably the most iconic is the Vox and Rickenbacker combo. I have Rics so I needed that Vox. Well, the Ric/Vox combo is very nice, but it is when I plugged my Telecaster into my AC30 that my eyes popped and my jaw dropped. Wow!

I needed to know more about this combination so I went to a Telecaster forum to discuss this Vox/Tele combo and tons of guys over there agreed that a Telecaster is best in a Vox and a Vox is at its best when a Telecaster is played through it. Who knew? I sure didn't till I tried it out.

I recently got myself a new Vox strictly for practice - the little blue AC4. Well, once again I discovered the best guitar in it is a Telecaster. The Vox looks incredible with my Rickenbacker (just look at the picture below), but it SOUNDS incredible with a Telecaster.

You are on the right path - a VOX and a Telecaster. I promise you that you will be blown away.