About 10 mins ago I was trying to open a powerpoint presentation from a website via Internet Explorer.
This caused my PC to freeze and all that shit
I went for the standard Ctrl Alt Delete option so as I could open up Task Manager and close Internet Explorer.
However when I hit ctrl alt delete my screen went black for around 30 secs and when it came back on my resolution, font size etc was all ****ed up.

I've tried changing my screen resolution via the control panel but this hasn't solved the problem.

Computer geniuses I need you, apply within


EDIT: i'm running windows vista on a dell computer if thats any help
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Inb4 don't use IE

But srs, don't.

EDIT: Don't dell or vista either. What's the matter with you?
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IE and Vista are your problems. Firefox and the good ole XP ftw
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Try restarting. If it's still messed up after that, try changing the resolution in the control panel again and see what happens.
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IE and Vista are not your problems, these guys have no idea what they are talking about.

Your graphics card just froze and crashed, either it hardware-style died permanently, or the driver crashed. Your computer is outputting the standard resolution right now (sucks doesnt it without a graphics card)

restart your computer.
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