Hey there.

Got a new song up now. It's kinda Rock boogie-thingy. It's very ac/dc influenced,
I know

It's supposed to have lyrics, but I cant sing so.. It may seem a bit repetive without them.
The song is recorded with my Line 6 Rifftracker. Not the best, but hey it does the job. Its hard to get a even volume level so I'm aware of the small jumps in the volume.

Check it out! It called Rock n' Roll boogie


Crit for crit!
I like it a lot! That just oozes ACDC, which if that's what you were going for nice job.
Very AC/DC-like indeed. I like it! I could easily imagine Angus playing those riffs and solos, nice job

If you can't get any vocals in it, I would definitely add some variation to the verses, and maybe some more wild drum fills.