I just got a Vox V85 wah pedal, and I want to do a true bypass to it... When its bypassed now, it really muffles the sound and gives me a really horrible tone, especially with clean to slightly distorted tones.
Thing is, I haven't a clue how to perform the mod. I've heard its really simple to do, but I can't find any good articles on how to do it.
Anyone out there care to shed some light?
A V85? You mean a V847? Is it the newest version, or an older one? Open it up, and if all the resistors and stuff on the PCB look like microscopic chips, you might not be able to mod it. It may also have a buffer or something in it...I'm not too sure about the newer ones, but I have an older model of the V847 that I have modded quite a bit.
Well since the V845 is just a tad different than the original specs, there's going to be less results for mods, but any true bypass mods (with instructions on removing the buffer, which this model has) should work fine. Have you seen this one? http://stinkfoot.se/archives/561