Hey guys! I've been lurking here on the forums for a few years now and I've learned a lot. I've been playing guitar about 7 years, and I don't really consider myself a noob when it comes to guitars anymore lol. But I came here because I had a question about a guitar I'm looking to get tomorrow. It's an OLP guitar, in the MM shape. The thing is it doesn't have a trem and it's the one pickup model. I've googled and researched but i couldn't find any info online, so does anyone know the model name and how much they usually go for? I'm getting this one for $120 tomorrow so I'm not complaining about price. Thanks for any info you guys have!
I wish :/ I just had a second to look it over because it's in a shop a bit outside of town I noticed while I was on a trip. But it had a the 4+2 tuners on the headstock, and a solid paint color. no flamed veneer on it. just solid red. I'm going to stop back in tomorrow and give it a good test run before I pick it up, was just wondering if anyone might know what model this is. So unless it something is terribly wrong with it, expect a NGD Monday But it would be nice to have a little more info before I pickit up