Hi, I've recently fell in love with the jimi hendrix monterey strat and am very interested in getting one painted or painting myself and have a few questions

If i were to paint it myself how would i go about doing all the art designs?

Would I be able to use this as a base and then just paint over some of it in white


If so would i have to sand down the part I wanted to paint?
Afraid that wouldnt work. With any sort of painting (not just on guitars), you need to apply paints from light to dark. So, you would need a white guitar, and paint over in white.

And you would need to scuff sand the area - you would not need to sand it down to bare wood, but just enough to scratch the surface - it will start looking slightly hazy. This is just to make sure the new lacquer adheres to the old layer.
I know Ed Roman used to do Monterey strat builds. He would take a regular strat and then refinish and customize them to the original specs. They are kind of expensive, but amazing.

Now that Ed has passed on, I'm not sure if the shop does that kind of work anymore.

Edit: http://www.edroman.com/featured/fabulousfakes.htm
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