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Yes... Almost every electric guitar made is more than 1 piece. Very rarely will you find a 1 piece body.

Especially for an explorer of all things :-P

This is going to be very cool, I have always admired your work. Hopefully I can pick a few things up along the way.
Quote by Explorerbuilder
I have just always loved explorers, and there is a very good market for them.

Let me know if you guys see any pictures that need explaining or something. I will be more than happy to explain my methods.

Damn straight there is. I want one and would totally get one.....shame i'm a lefty. Explorers and Gibson V's are the only things i would ever want if i was a normal guitarist

Also, How did you start out building guitars? i want to get into bit but dunno how
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Great threat! Looking forward to seeing the whole build.

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is that a good idea having more than one piece of wood for the body?
Pretty much any solid finish guitar will be made of 3 pieces, cheap guitars will be made of even more.

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Absent Mind, words cant express how much i love you. Id bone you, oh yea.

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Absent Mind is, as usual, completely correct.

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Id like to make my love for Neil public knowledge as he is a beautiful man
Quote by Absent Mind
Great threat! Looking forward to seeing the whole build.

Pretty much any solid finish guitar will be made of 3 pieces, cheap guitars will be made of even more.

And maybe some not so cheap! On my Gibson faded SG I can count 5 pieces, all of seemingly random widths, and that is under a transparent finish!

Good thing it sounds so damn good...
Quote by Absent Mind
Great threat! Looking forward to seeing the whole build.

Pretty much any solid finish guitar will be made of 3 pieces, cheap guitars will be made of even more.

I thought it was most common for them to be made of 2 pieces? I dunno.
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I just decided to try to make one after i had been playing for a few months. My dad already had all the tools, since he is a woodworker.

I'm kinda in that position, i could quite easily get access to tools(mother and her father were into woodwork and DIY so there are loadsa tools at my disposal, mum would probably be willing to help me(she did carpentry in college, weird right).
there is just so much about guitar building that confuses me....
Awesome workshop man. Got everything you could ever need.

Puts my man cave to shame.
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Quote by R45VT
Nice job. You reall do a great job with grain.

+1. I wouldn't worry about how many pieces this body is made of, because this man could make 10 pieces of mahogany look like a one piece!
I would love to build a guitar from scratch but it is such a time commitment and so many specialty tools I dont have ( basicly neck making tools, radius sanding blocks, fretting tools etc... ). I am winding my own pickups but that is fast and easy once you find your own combination of materials and technique.
Quote by Explorerbuilder
neck making/fretting tools are probably the cheapest out of all guitar building tools needed...

Already feeling the lack of interest coming back. As soon as i get done with the initial planing/cutting lumber, I start not liking the rest of the process.

I get the same exact way. Today, I should have done alot more to my build, but I was just too lazy and not in the mood. I could have had it ready for finishing by now, but I put it off.
Alright, got around to some work on this.
I am building 2 side by side, at the same rate.

So here is where i left off. Headstock ears glued and leveled

Cutting headstock rough shape

Routing Headstock to exact shape with router and template

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Just a heads up: You posted the wrong pictures for routing the headstock to shape.

I like the MDF straight-edge + template bit for the neck taper. I'm definitely going to use that in the future
Quote by Explorerbuilder
Yeah, i have found it to be the most simple way to do it. Just measure the nut and heel widths out, then connect them with a straight edge to get the taper.

Seems like a great way of doing it if your ears are already attatched.

Hell of a lot easier than planing the bulk of it, and then getting the wee bit left at the nut with a bullnose plane!
This is looking really good so far. I dig the headstock.
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Alright, so i fogot to take pics of a few things, and I had some pics and accidentally deleted them from my camera. So i will just throw in what i have.

Glued the veneer to the headstock

Then to make it layered, I put a straight edge 3/4" MDF piece on the headstock, and use a bearing bit to cut the layer.

Then its time to glue the fretboard on.

I tape off the truss rod, then add glue. Take off the tape, then add a little bit close to the truss rod channel.

I have a thick block of wood the same exact lenth as a 25" 22 fret fretboard. This is what i use as a caul so the pressure is evenly applied.

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