1) Kurt Cobain - 1967-1994, one on the 27 club, guitarist, lead singer and songwriter of the well known grunge band Nirvana.
Killed himself with a shotgun in his own house after escaping rehab.
18 years has passed since his departure.

2) Layne Staley - 1967-2002, died at age 38, lead singer of grunge band Alice In Chains and supergroup Mad Season.
Found in his apartment after an speedball overdose.
A decade has passed since the drugs finally took him.

3) Jim Marshall - 1923-2012, died at age 88, founder and owner of the famous company Marshall Amplifications that made a huge impact on rock 'n' roll history, listed as one of the forefathers of rock 'n' roll.
Passed away in this very own day...

Rest in peace you all, and thank you very much of your lives that been so influental...
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Lol was listening to Staley when i read this
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