Hey all,

I'm looking to get my first 7 string guitar after 9 years of playing guitar but I'm not exactly wealthy (college student man!) and craigslist is pulling up crap products for the most part (go figure) and the good ones all have flaky sellers. I recently almost purchased a Shecter 7FR C-7 Hellraiser for $350 but the buyer backed out. Here's what I'm looking for:

Budget: Hoping to keep costs under $500. I'm fine with shelling out extra for some after market pickups after I save for a while but the initial purchase needs to be around $500.

Artist Preference: I'm a John Petrucci fan boy plain and simple. That's the 7 string tone I am looking for.

Preferences: I need 24 frets and a good floating trem. My current setup is an Ibanez RG370 with a Gotoh bridge and Dimarzio Liquifire/CrunchLab/Area58. The pickups I most likely would replace with 7-string versions of those anyways because I don't expect a $500 price range guitar to have good pickups. EMG's are ok and I probabl wouldn't replace right away but are not my personal choice. Also I like a thin neck, similarly profiled to the Wizard necks. I've played a Damien Elite and Hellraiser necks and they are decent as well. I like extended range access too so a super-strat style body is preferred. I'm cool with used guitars too (obviously with CG) but I won't buy a used one without playing it in person. One last thing is I am in love with five way switches for the most tonal ability.

Location- I am in southern California. I'm willing to drive for a bit, most places aren't that far. I'd say my general area is the Inland Empire.

Current Gear:

Les Paul Supreme 2006 stock

Ibanez RG370DX, 2008
Gotoh floating tremelo with D-Tuna and Goldo backbox
Liquire/CrunchLab pickups with Area 58 single-humbucker in the middle
5-way coil selector

Mesa Boogie Mark V Amp Head

Crate 4x12 slant cab

If I left anything out let me know. Looking for good suggestions.
Have been researching the Agile series and they seem pretty awesome, would like to get some more insight on those too.

Thanks in advance!
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Ooops, didn't catch that. Sorry! Although I hope nobody markets picks specifically for 7-string guitars haha
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Yes I have been checking those out a lot. It goes against my better judgment on the basis of price but what about the Douglas series? Anyone know the neck radius?
I don't know the radius but I have had a couple of Douglas and even though they are low end they are still noticeably better than most other guitars in the price range for a new guitar.

Honestly if it wasnt for the fact that I love my fender strat I would have sold it off and bought this
and a decent little amp.