Hi, I'm looking for a full tube amp (head and cab) for blues and rock, stuff like SRV and ACDC, I would prefer being able to get a nice high gain sound but it's not necessary.

I also want it to take pedals well and have an FX loop.

It will be for bedroom use but I do need it to be able to play with a band without a PA ( when I gig with it I'll use a PA so it doesnt need to be insanely loud), so it needs to be able to sound good at low volumes.

My budget is anywhere from £500-£800 (I can go higher but it's something I'll be saving up for and my income is not great , so I'll prefer it to lower than £800) and I'm willing to go used.

Egnater rebel 30 or Jet City 22h
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jet city is definitely where you should start. they make some pretty killer stuff at a good price.

also check out the blackstar ht series. i kno this is gonna catch a ton of shit but even tho its not all tube (people hate on them because they marketed them as all tube but its really a hybrid), they get a great tone and are super versatile
Have you checked out the Egnater rebel? It can go from a bright, chimey fender-ish clean to a classic marshall growl and do them both pretty well. I'm not a fan of the rebel cab but the head is glorious.
^ yeah it's well under budget on thomann. definitely worth considering.

if it has to be head and cab, laney gh50L and whatever decent cab you can gather up with what's left (it's £550 on thomann i think... take a look around UK online stores, too, occasionally they have them on offer).
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A Marshall Vintage Modern. Get a used one easily in that budget. I thoroughly believe it's one of the best classic rock amps out there. Only downsides are it's a single channel and there is quite a volume difference between the two modes.