So I recently purchased an Ibanez S7420, and with or without reading reviews I was planning on a pick up swap once I receive it in the mail. My problem is I'm not quite sure of what to put in it. I have a Fender Telecaster with Bareknuckle Painkiller's in it, and I love the tone I got out of that, but I'm not sure if I want to go with the same pickups. I was looking at Bareknuckle Aftermath's, but wasn't sure, so I came here for some opinions.

If it helps, I'll be playing through a 5150 out of a Vader 4x12, and the guitar is going to be tuned so that the top 6 strings are in drop A# and the low string will be a G. Playing things similar to Periphy, Structures, some Animals As Leaders type of stuff.

Thanks for anything.
I'd go to ask on the Bare Knuckle forum. They're extremely helpful guys and know shitloads about the pickups and most of them own half of the range.
They just helped me choose a set of pickups for my les paul (Holy Diver Bridge and Emerald Neck) and they should be arriving in about a week.

You could also e-mail Tim, he's the "main man" there (and he probably knows more about pickups than anyone else in the world. Just send him a quick email and he'll tell you exactly what you need.
I forgot those forums existed, honestly. And I was just too lazy to send an email

I posted here because I was looking to see if anybody had any other suggestions that weren't a set of Bareknuckles, actually!
Nah, go with Bare Knuckles. At the end of the day the $80-$100 extra that you spend on BKPs rather than Seymour Duncans or DiMarzios is at least 479% worth the cost. They just sound SO much better and TBH if you do end up getting any other pickups you'll already be so used to the greatness of BKP that you'll be pretty disappointed and go right back to your telecaster.

BKP make AMAZING vintage sounding pickups and so do some other handwound pickup companies like The Creamery and Wolftone but once you get into high gain/output pickup territory the other company just don't live up to the level that their PAF style set. Bare Knuckles do, do so. In fact their High Gain pickups may even be better.