This is a song I wrote about a year or two ago that I have finally decided to record. This is the first time I have sang/played the song in general and the first time I have recorded an original song. Looking for constructive criticism.

Forever Alone

Also, I know the quality isn't great but I recorded it with Audacity since it was my only way of recording it.
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EDIT: Sorry about your gramma. I enjoyed the song.

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You're gonna have to up that guitar volume, what mic did you use to record this? It's not easy to criticize a song that someone is obviously very emotionally involved in. But this really didn't do anything for me. The guitar that I could hear was full of sloppy chord changes and was very predictable. The predictability would be fine if the vocal melody or lyrics was interesting, but you mumbled through a melody and lyrically its all been said a million times. You haven't covered any new ground musically or tried to stretch your creative abilities.

I know that this is quite a harsh review, and I ask that you don't take it personally. I also understand that you haven't written this song to be a number 1 hit, its a very personal expression. If it means something deeply special to you then disregard everything I have said, It shouldn't matter what other people think. So keep writing, playing and singing, and challenging your creative abilities.

I'm gonna check out some of your covers, there are some pretty good tracks in there. Give my soundcloud a look if you get a chance, I've got two radiohead covers up and an original. http://soundcloud.com/lollipopskeletons