So i started to restring my guitar, first time re stringing a guitar with a tremolo bridge. Before I read any guide that told me to change strings one at a time, I had already popped all the strings off the guitar. Now I'm just having general trouble re stringing the guitar, and my bridge has sunk into my guitar.

I feel stupid but I need help.
Release the springs completely. Put the bridge back into place and block it. Restring and add the springs back on. Try to remember how far the spring screws were into the body, it wont be far off that with the new strings, unless you changed to a much larger/thinner string guage. Check intonation, action and youre good. If you have any doubts just bring it to a tech.

Blocked bridge:

I'd use chopsticks or something to block the spring side of the bridge (sustain block)so you can pull that shit out when the springs are on and under tension.
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With my floyd, I basically just raise the bridge (push on the bar) and stick a spoon under it (wrapped in cloth so it doesn't scratch). Then I remove every string and put on every new string. I only tune them up enough get rid of the string tension, then I remove the spoon. Then I tune them all up to where they should be a little at a time.