I play a fender blacktop guitar which i know is wierd but for metal but thats what i do. I'm wondering what the biggest string guages i could safely put on my guitar without damaging it. I will never tune above drop c, but that would only be to jam certain songs, my guitar with mostly be in drop B. I was actually thinking of putting baritone strings on it but that scares me. I've read that zoltan from five finger death punch does it and i love his tone and tightness to be so low, but he has a floyd rose, where i only have a fender trem. If the baritone strings are a no-no then i was thinking 12-56 guage? help me save my guitar please
no gauge of strings do damage the guitar.. stevie ray had 14s on his strat for at least 10 years. no damage. just set it up. AND he played mostly standard/half step down.
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if you want fat tone and a nice deep bass, go as heavy as you like, won't do anything bad to your guitar's neck. but imo you're missing a trick - i used to think that using super heavy strings was the way to go for drop c or lower - wrong! And the reason is - it slows your picking speed down so much, the way i do it is to choose a gauge that will hold the tuning without being floppy, and then stop. that way you get a nice bite out of the strings but not that feeling of playing telephone wires
what would i have to do to set it up right? adjust the trem? i know i have a buddy who ruined his ibanez by putting big strings on it.
I have a guitar that I keep a set of 17-85 strings on. I use it for recording distorted bass parts, as my bass just dosen't distort well. Aslong as everything is set up right, you'll be fine.

Personally, I would bolt the tremolo down and just not use it, but to adjust that, you'd just have to change the strings and see where it sits, and adjust the screws in the back to suit. It's also recommended to checl the truss-rod and intonation too when changing gauges of strings.
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what would i have to do to set it up right? adjust the trem? i know i have a buddy who ruined his ibanez by putting big strings on it.

i have an ibanez RG570 with an original edge set up with .11-.50 strings in drop b so listen up; use 4 springs (or 5 if you are using heavier strings than me) and be prepared to add additional tension to the springs by screwing in the claw that holds the springs, into the body. You want the knife edges on the trem to sit perpendicular the the posts they rest/move on.

visit Ibanez rules (tech section) for pictures and detailed instructions
you'd have to adjust the neck and the trem
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Do you even use your trem? You could shove a chunk of wood beween it and the guitar and not have to worry about spring tension.