Drums & bass sound quite good, though at times the audio is rather boomy. The playing on everything is tight. I'm sure there will be people that dig the guitar, though I wish some of the guitar parts were more melodic. I like the guitar riffs ~3:00. Bass playing is quite good. Drums sound good, though sometimes the cymbals sound phasey (probably an mp3 thing). Nice guitar playing ~6:00. Please review my music at this link:

Really good song mate and the intro really kicks off the song well.
When the clean guitar comes in it adds loads of depth to the song and watch is doing the high part behind it (might be violins?) sounds really good.
I know what you mean about the guitar tone, it hasnt got much 'meat' to it. If you double tracked each guitar L and R, that will proberly add more to it (when I recorded with my old band in swindon with the ex Eternal Lord drummer whose recorded bands like AOAA etc he did that and it sounds amazing)
I'm not a massive fan of the riff around 3:43, It kinda drags on for a bit and if the clean lead in the band ground did a bit more it would proberly sound a bit more interesting.
Over all, the song is pretty good and I really like the drum sound but I think you converted the track on low quality setting because it sounds pretty 'washy' kinda like a low quality MP3 so it loses a lot of clarity. Also the bass could do with being turned down just a tiny bit =]
Really good track though pal and let me know when you add more!
Keep it up
Thanks guys.

the_weirdoman: Glad you heard the Haunted Shores influence hah, it's the kinda thing I'm going for really, with big chords and almost chordal lead lines where the notes ring. To be fair though, the only riff that made me think of Haunted Shores was at 1:31, and I only noticed it after I wrote it. I really really want to make the guitars sound good on this. I think the cymbals sound quite phase-y though, but I think it's coz of this silly compressor I keep using. And I'm glad people think the bass sound good because it's still only a midi file straight from Guitar Pro haha.

But yeah, I'd return the crit mate but the link doesn't work
Thanks for the crit!

Overall really impressive effort, especially in terms of song-writing: you have nice dynamic breaks throughout to keep it interesting but they all flow well (which I find generally quite hard to do).

I also generally like the drum arrangement and love your use of those overlaying synth, this really shines through around 3:40 where you do what sounds like a tempo shift. That was unexpected but I thought was really quite emotive and interesting. The rhythmic follow up at 4:30 was excellent too.

My only major critic would be the guitar tone. I know you mentioned this but you do really need to tighten up the main rhythm tone. For me it is not so much the 'sound' of the tone, but it seems to be mushy. I can't pin point exactly what would be causing this but you could try lowering the bass, upping the mid and a little treble to give it a tight crunch and maybe add a low/high pass filter on it to try eliminate any unwanted frequencies to try tighten everything up. It sounds like you have a lot of really cool intricate riffing going on throughout most of the first half and these would really come through a lot stronger with the right tone.

Make sure you let me know if you ever get around to making progress on this project. The tone is more of a technicality, the song itself sounds awesome!
Hey thanks for critic to my song, and that rip sepi thing, that mean alot I'll tell about my guitars sounds in that topic.

But this song i really enjoyed, im big fan of progressive metal and this rocked. Sometimes mixing was too boomy so it was hard to get what the instruments was playing, otherwise good mix. But daamn epic song !
Cheers for the comments. vkuz001, that synth is actually just a clean guitar haha, the synths I used were only for the strings which happens in a few sections. And thanks for the advice, although I do try to do that(upping mid and treb and low/high pass) but it never seems to do much for me, I dunno if I'm maybe not doing it right exactly, or if I'm just finding it hard to hear what sounds better when I make little adjustments after I get used to the sound, but yeah I guess I'll just have to have another go at that once I get back home.