the band i was in split up a while ago leaving me, the other guitarist and bassist still playing whilst the drummer and singer went off to do their own thing. we were offered to record an ep with a couple of different producers so we decided to go for it.

we have laid down all of the music on the ep and next week is vocals. none of us are vocalists but we don't want to get a new member in to sing. the ep is sounding great so far but me and the guitarist are pretty 'average at best singers'. ive never really sang infront of anyone properly, i'm pretty shit. the other guitarist is pretty much the same as me. i've told our producer the situation and he says we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. and yeah, as you can imagine i'm shitting my pants about it. i don't wanna let the vocals drag the music down.

can anyone give me any tips on how to become the songbird of my generation in under one week?
So what style of vocals are you going for? What range are you? There is a few things you need to put into perspective before you will find your way of singing. However, don't be discouraged you will sing better if you are confident. A week may be rushing things, but hopefully by average you mean you can stay relatively in key.

Good Luck.
umm it's kind of an indieish / alternative band, at least that's the only way i can explain it. i can stay in key okay, i have no idea what my range is but i'm not looking to be 'the best singer ever', i'm just looking for a voice that will work. that's the problem, the actual tone of my voice isn't good when i sing IMO. i'm looking to find my actual voice. i feel like when i sing, i have to try too hard to put on a certain voice or a certain style. i'm quite jiddery when i sing certain songs and i find myself mimicking other singer's voices if i sing to cover songs because i have no normal voice of my own (because i don't know how to find it)
I know what you mean. Finding your own style is hard. All I can really do for you is tell you to go for it, be confident, and practice. Read through the forums on this site too, there is a lot of good information on here.

Hope it all goes over well.