Crit as I go (the MIDI file)
(0:00- 0:40) Very ethereal, from here I expect a really emotionly moving piece. The higher synth parts are kind of akward, but I'm not sure if it's the midi or not.
(0:41- 1:04) Starts of nice, really dig the high-hat rythym. Not really sure what the guitar is doing. Quite unorthodox.
(1:05- 1:52) The unorthodox continues, a LOT of notes sound kinda bad, but that might just be the higher guitar part.
(1:53- 2:41) I really dig this part, however. Nice lead riffs, good backing notes to support. I would shorten the rest somehow, kinda feels like the song is over, then it starts again instead of flowing.
(2:42- 3:36) More bad notes as before. The second chord of the 3-chord progression doesn't fit at all in this section
(3:37- Outro) I also dig this part. The breakdown really pulls at me.

Overall, a very interesting piece. I would try to stick to the styles portrayed in the Intro/Outro of the song, but those are the parts I enjoyed the most.

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Everything about this screams awesome, I am especially fond of the pre-chorus and that part that starts at bar 117! Oh, it was the outro, I think it would work great as an outro that leads into the next song on the album all in all - great work on this one!

No crit here, just felt like I had to share how great I think this is, haha.
I tend to really dig your tunes, Rokkstar, so I gave this a listen.

The main thing about this for me, is I constantly found something lacking - but I can't seem to find what. The thing is, after listening to it, I have this feeling of disappointment. Probably just didn't appeal to me, I guess, but I'll at least give a few pointers as to what I experienced.

- It's well written, by all means. Good sectioning and lots of parts to work with.
- The pre-chorus didn't work for me at all. It felt out of place, and didn't add much else than confusion.
- The chorus was catchy and very good, however I got a feeling should've been a bit more uptempo.
- I think you could've rolled back on the use of the choir, especially in the verses. They are very overpowering, and seeing as they are constantly there, the effect becomes gradually lacking. I would deffo remove the choir from the verses, and let vocals/guitars be the focus.
- I tried changing the tempo of the entire song from 120 -> to 126, and to me it sounds a lot better.

Just some few random thoughts of mine, do what you will with them.
And don't get this the wrong way, because it is well written, and you've obviously put effort into this. Maybe it is the quality of your previous works in this genre putting this down, I dont know. :P

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