I was recording a acoustic track and i had the mics gain up mid to high ranged and i was picking up noise from me moving my leg a little and hitting my guitar, just random noise you pick up when using mics and such. My question is how do i get rid of it? I tried using the gate in pro tools mp9 and it did not really do anything, when i used cubase there was a noise reducer that silenced all extra noise, is there something in pro tools like that?
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Here are a few tips. Record fairly close to the guitar (10 cm or so), around the 12th fret (slighty, like a few degrees aimed towards the head for more treble, towards the bridge for more low mids. The closer to the source, the less gain is required. Record around -12 dBFS with 16 bit, maybe -24 or so for 24 bit. Nothing wrong with a little headroom.

Second: Don't move around. Redo the take if you make noises.

Third: Edit rather than use gates. Much more precise and not hard to do in the current days of digital domain.

Fourth: Adjust the gate perimeters properly, if you intend to use gates. The noise reducer in Cubase is a simplied gate (or sounds like it, haven't tried it). Read here: http://www.doctorproaudio.com/doctor/temas/dynamics-processors-noisegates_en.shtml
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