Which one is the most versatile combo for basewood Ibanez RG? Really confused between these two sets.
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They're pretty similar, the Liquifire is a bit tighter than the Air Norton, with a more buttery kind of sound, and the Crunchlab is a bit hotter than the D-sonic, but I find the D-sonic to be a bit clearer. The Air Norton is the god of cleans, especially when coil tapped, and the D-sonic sounds awesome coil tapped too, not sure on the other two.

I'd go for the D-sonic Air Norton combo, only because I'm partial to it.

EDIT: Also worth asking, is it for a 7 or a 6?

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Neither, I'd go for the D-Sonic/Liquifier.

This is just my opinion, but I feel like the Crunch Lab is really overrated. Everyone has their own idea of good tone, but I definitely prefer the D-Sonic to the Crunch Lab. Just listen to some youtube vids.

As for the neck pickups, I love the Liquifier. It's awesome. The Air Norton I'm not a fan of. I just don't like the voicing. As an alternative, check out the PAF Pro.
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