hey!, ive been flicking through various bareknuckle videos and im extremely interested in them. So far ive kept my eye on the painkiller, warpig and aftermath (7 string versions). I was thinking of doing a painkiller in bridge and aftermath in neck combo, my guitar is still being made, but it has the following specs:

Body - Sapelle Mahogany (African), dyed, oil finish.
Neck - Maple 3-piece, with Wenge skunk stripe. Matching Sapelle headstock veneer. Ebony fretboard with Abalone dot inlays, 24 Dunlop 6105 frets. 25.5" scale length. Oil finish on back of neck. Comfortable C-shaped profile.

I mainly play progressive metal, bands that i really want to familiarise the output/overall tone to are The contorsionist, uneven structure (their tone from februus only) and between the buried and me. Im not really looking for a "djent" tone, i want something tight for fast runs/passages, but has a clear tight bottom end as well. Thanks
Have you thought about the Cold Sweats?
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Email Tim at BKP. He can answer your question directly. Who better to answer than the guy that makes them?

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Yes email them directly, I got a reply very quickly (a nice change to get some excellent customer service) and they pointed me towards a pickup which would work for the sound I was after.
Unfortunately I didn't end up ordering the pickups as I got another guitar instead but I was impressed with their attitude.
I would go for an Aftermath set.

What amp are you playing through?
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nah, haven't thought about cold sweats, yeah i will email him now.
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