So.... Yeah. This wasn't really influenced by any bands in particular, it's just something that came about from my random playing. Since I incorporated a riff I wrote 2 and a half years ago, I guess you could say it's a song two and a half years in the making... Actually, don't say that, it just reminds me how slow I can be with finishing my songs...


The mix definitely needs some work, but I really like the chords you're using in the intro, they're uplifting and make the song sound much more upbeat; almost gave the song a more pop-punk feel (not in a bad way ). Obviously, that changes as the song progresses. I'm honestly not sure the part from :51 - 2:11 really fits the rest of the song, maybe with some work it'd work better, but I just don't like the whole breakdown thing for a minute straight. It's not like the riffs were bad, it just didn't fit the rest of the song IMO. Other than that, I liked it; the intro and outro were great IMO.
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